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Voting in San Francisco: Where to go, what to bring, where to party

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Everything you need to know before you enter the booth

California Voters Go To The Polls In State Primary Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Today, June 5, is Election Day in California, which means, among other things, a new San Francisco mayor will be selected. There are an estimated 600 polling places in the city, so you should be able to find you station with neither fuss nor muss.

While many polling stations are found in someone’s garage or a church, a few places are inside cool city structures whose interiors you might never get to see otherwise—e.g., the lobby of One Rincon Hill or a local firehouse.

When to vote

Polls open in San Francisco at 7 a.m. and stay open until 8 p.m. Please note: If you’re in line at 8 p.m., you’re allowed to vote no matter how long the line. What’s more, you’re guaranteed the right to take time off work to vote. You can take off a maximum of two hours on Election Day, no matter your job. (Familiarize yourself with the SF voters’ bill of rights beforehand.)

Where to find your polling station

  • San Francisco, you can find your polling place here.
  • Alameda County, find your polling station here.
  • Marin County, find your polling station here.

Who to vote for on Election Day

If you haven’t made up your mind about any of the candidates, measures, or propositions up for battle, you can peruse the endorsements of the San Francisco Bay Guardian, YIMBY Action, SF Democrat Party, Harvey Milk LGBTQ Democratic Club, Alice B. Toklas LGBT Club, San Francisco Chronicle, and the SF League of Pissed Off Voters. Phew!

Election night parties