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Canopy opens second coworking space in Jackson Square

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Noted designers open second stunning location

Photos by Joe Fletcher

“There is an incredible collision of cultures, and [this location] still has all the romantic charm of what San Francisco represents in a lot of peoples’ eyes,” says Canopy co-founder Amir Mortazavi.

One of the standout features of Canopy Jackson Square, the tony coworking space’s second location, is that you can feel the immediate energy from being at the intersection of some of the city’s oldest neighborhoods. There is Columbus Street with the busy North Beach sidewalk cafes below, and just beyond that Chinatown with rows of laundry drying against building facades. Being immersed in these historical communities allows this shared workspace to feed off of this culturally rich location and, ideally, inspire its members.

“It is part of the philosophy of Canopy to be embed within the neighborhoods, [since] our members use the fabric of the neighborhoods in their daily lives,” adds co-founder and designer Yves Béhar.

For Canopy, this second location seemed a natural fit, where multiple residential neighborhoods converge, and members can easily commute to the office. The space borrows its color palette from the greens and pinks of the surrounding buildings. Mirroring the century-old emerald green of Francis Ford Coppola’s Sentinel building across the street, and the pale pink accents that match the exterior of the legendary City Lights Bookstore a few blocks over.

The first thing that draws your attention when you enter the open-floor plan is the common area with its ’70s-inspired forest green Herman Miller lounge seating updated with USB ports and outlets integrated into the base of the furniture. Vintage Preben Dahl lamps float above the couches, rounding out the retro vibe. This central space effortlessly flows into the on-site cafe serving a menu from Jane Bakery. A community kitchen stocked with Blue Bottle Coffee, and a central working area filled with Public Office Landscape desks and Sayl chairs, designed by Behar for Herman Miller, are also within reach.

One of the most innovative features of this office space is the ability to control sound through Canopy’s signature foam light fixtures that drastically cut down on the noise within the common areas. The high-tech Modernus glass partitions that separate private offices also contribute to the impressive noise reduction throughout the workspace, allowing members to converse freely without disturbing others.

Canopy, in accordance with California state law, provides working mothers with a nursing room. Privacy is also granted in the soundproof, glass phone booths that blend in with the spotless floor-to-ceiling windows and boasts spectacular aerial views of the city.

Members can step out for a literal breath of fresh air on the 1,500-square-foot outdoor patio that features heated, ergonomic Galanter and Jones outdoor chairs; a casual lounge space, and a more formal cafe-style seating featuring outdoor furniture conceived by Rodolfi Rodroni for Kettal, as well an awning designed to shield members from San Francisco’s fickle forecast.

This outdoor space allows a welcome change of environment to brainstorm with others in a more casual environment, against a backdrop of some of the city’s most iconic landmarks.

Memberships options include a two-month shared office space for traveling professionals, limited use of shared tables, unlimited use of community tables, personal desks, or private offices, as well as a virtual office option that provides you with a physical mailing address and access to on-site events.

Monthly membership fees start at $365 for a shared table. Private offices start at $1,835 and go way up from there.