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Sun Microsystems cofounder wants almost $100 million for Palo Alto home

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Comes with pizza room, ice rink, and dance floor

Photos courtesy of REX Real Estate

Sun Microsystems cofounder Scott McNealy has a home, a very large home, perched atop a hill in Palo Alto. It’s on the market right now for a hefty sum, asking almost $100 million.

This 20-room, four-story mansion, located at 610 Los Trancos Road, was built by Scott and his wife, Susan, in 2008. The couple spent approximately $11 million bringing it to life. The contemporary abode comes with five bedrooms, seven baths, and 32,000 square feet.

Amenities include a room dedicated to making pizza (which should be a building-code requirement in every home), a disco/dance floor, a poker room, a hidden safe room with panic buttons, a full gym, a wine cellar, and of course, a theater.

The property sits on a 581,526-square-foot lot, which features a golf course, ice rink, and pool. There’s also a detached guest house to boot.

Although the mansion is massive, it’s not as audacious as, say, the postmodern Ettore Sottsass-designed creation in nearby Woodside or Stanley Saitowitz’s OZ Residence in Atherton, which is still inexplicably languishing on the market.

This house is more geared toward the tech billionaire(s) with a family to raise.

“This property is an ideal spot to raise a family,” says Jack Ryan, CEO of REX Real Estate. “The current owners raised four amazing sons, so the house is filled with good karma. It’s location, proximity to neighbors (or lack thereof), and installed security equipment in and around the property make it an ideal escape for business people in the public eye.”

The Santa Clara County assessor’s office values the Palo Alto home at $16,564,337, according to the San Jose Mercury News. The McNealys hope to nab more than such a measly estimate.

Asking is $96.8 million.

Pizza room.
Poker room.
Wine cellar.
Guest house.
Guest house living room.
Guest house bedroom.