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Why San Francisco needs Corgi Con

The newer, better, fluffier San Francisco treat

wet corgi at the beach! Photo by Trevor Fairbank/Shutterstock

Saturday marked the fifth June Corgi Con at Ocean Beach, a day of fun and frolicking for San Francisco dog lovers and their favorite breed of short-legged, highly gregarious canine companions. And it might just be one of the best things San Francisco has going for it right now.

It’s possible to be critical of Corgi Con: It’s an unashamedly silly exercise, and a big part of its success has been the Instagram appeal and the internet’s endearing but often shallow affection for adorable animals.

Compared to San Francisco traditions like LGBTQ Pride, the Folsom Street Fair, or even, dog help us, Bay to Breakers, Corgi Con is safe, inoffensive, even bourgeois—much like corgis themselves.

And yet, the twice-yearly corgi congregation is pretty much impossible to hate.

Since 2014, San Francisco has been put through a ringer forwards and backwards over virtually every element of the city’s identity, and experienced conflict over every possible use of city space.

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It doesn’t seem like a coincidence that, during such fraught times, Corgi Con grew from a fairly casual coming together of 40 Corgis on the beach to a full corgi conflagration of epic proportions, with nearly 1,000 pooches plus owners and tagalong partners of other breeds last year.

Corgi Con’s evident sincerity and lack of even much potential for conflict makes it the perfect antidote to seemingly everything else about living in the city these days. The Instagram element even means that Corgi Con has managed to reconcile tech with reality in the least offensive way possible.

And if you don’t believe it, just look at what the experts have to say:

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