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These are the most right-swiped neighborhoods in San Francisco

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Photo by Cynthia Liang/Shutterstock

Gone are the days of dance cards, drawing a hankie across one’s cheek, and asking for “a date.” Now we sift through pictures on an app, shimmy into our most nondescript athleisure wear, and “hang out.”

Enter the age Grindr, Scruff, or Tinder.

Tinder researched user date in eight major U.S. cities, including San Francisco, to see in which neighborhoods the lovelorn seem to have the most luck. San Francisco’s top six neighborhoods for getting swiped right (i.e., given the thumbs up by a potential amour) are:

  1. Castro
  2. Pacific Heights
  3. The Marina
  4. The Mission
  5. Nob Hill/Russian Hill
  6. Potrero Hill/Dogpatch

What, no love in Little Hollywood? Alas.

Note: Research placed Oakland/East Bay at No. 6 on this list, but we eliminated it, bumping No. 7 up, since Oakland is not in San Francisco and could merit its own breakdown.

Also, similar to Oakland and the East Bay, Nob Hill and Russian get lumped together. Same goes for Potrero Hill and Dogpatch.

The dating app’s methodology, according to Tinder, goes like this: “Neighborhood boundaries were pre-determined by geographic borders and the rate of right swipes received was calculated by dividing the number of right swipes received by the total number of overall swipes in each area throughout April 2018.”

Are you swooning yet?