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The ceramic sleeping polar bear you didn’t know you needed

Available at Heath Ceramics showrooms

Photo by Renee Zellweger, courtesy of Heath Ceramics

Polar bears? Yes. Tubby polar bears napping on their bellies? Yes, please. Tubby polar bears napping on their bellies made by Heath Ceramics? Faint.

Indeed, that’s what’s happening at Heath Ceramics. Tung Chiang, studio director at the Sausalito-based pottery outfit, posted a sneak peek on his Instagram of his latest creation christened “Lazy Bear”—sleepy ceramic polar bears with glorious large behinds.

Tung Chiang’s polar bears were originally included in a special 2017 design series, which also featured dogs and penguin creations. Tung was inspired by his love of animals and the history of animal objects in industrial design.

While both whimsical and endearing, these pieces could also invoke a darker meaning. According to Heath, the bear “lays on the earth’s last iceberg, contemplating its next move, if any.”


The ceramic ursī will be available only inside Heath showrooms beginning June 15 for $225 each. (Heath has showrooms in San Francisco, Sausalito, and Los Angeles.)

This isn’t Heath Ceramic’s first foray into the animal kingdom. The company also created mini sea lion sculptures based off of artist Al Sybrian’s famous piece perched above the ocean in Sausalito.