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9 must-follow Instagram accounts for Bay Area transit nerds

Fill your feed with subway, ferry, and train photography

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Instagram is the place to go if you want to gaze at the most visually arresting images of the Bay Area’s many public transit offerings. Whether to look at the Central Subway in progress, or to see some historic imagery of bygone days aboard cable cars—or even candid shots of passengers—we’ve got you covered.

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Here now are nine of the best accounts for SF public transit lovers. Did we miss your favorite? It’s possible. Let us know who we should add.

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Historic and current shots of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency from past to present.

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Muni Diaries

Beloved blog also has an Instagram highlighting your daily commute aboard Muni.

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While not entirely focused on the trials and tribulations of Bay Area public transportation, this account frequently posts images of daily Muni life—most notably, Meanwhile on Muni tags, which feature candid shots of fellow passengers.

Central Subway SF

San Francisco’s newest subway (still under construction) offers up choice shots of what’s happening below ground.

San Francisco Transit Riders

Billed as “your rider-based grassroots advocate for world-class transit in San Francisco,” this account comes with choice shots of everything transit-related from empty bus stops and packed Muni trains to historic streetcars and the Transbay Transit Center.


With an emphasis on design, this account features a bevy of interesting images of our local bridges that go above and beyond your standby Golden Gate Bridge shots.

The Transbay Project

The Grand Central Station of the west—which, when completed, will connecting 11 transit systems including Caltrain and the ever-delayed California High Speed Rail—has a great Instagram account showcasing the progress of the SoMa station set to open in August.

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Go Caltrain

All aboard! This account, the official Caltrain Instagram, is ideal for foamers and regular commuters alike.

Bay Area Ferry Commuter

Just as it says, commutes from the ferry system in the bay. Dig that sillage.