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Roaring ’20s mansion at the edge of the Presidio seeks $11.9 million

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Comes with a library and sitting room

Photos by Jacob Elliott, courtesy of Neal Ward Properties

Passersby and joggers along nearby Presidio Trail who’ve wondered what’s going on inside this stately manse can wonder no more. The circa-1925 home—a mishmash inspired by Colonial, Classical, and Tudor Revival styles—is back on the market.

Featuring seven beds, eight and a half baths, and an ample 7,820 square feet, 3756 Jackson is a treat even from the outside. Arched windows and intricate lines makes this home a standout in a neighborhood already brimming with tony abodes.

The uppermost floor is for the wee ones, complete with a playroom, a terrace that overlooks the Presidio, and three bedrooms.

The next story down you’ll find a small library, a master bedroom with a fireplace, another terrace, and a sitting room (the elite have dedicated rooms for sitting, don’t you know).

An=d the bottom floor, you will find an exercise room, a laundry room, an office, and an au pair bedroom and bath.

The best part of this manse, arguably, is the winding staircase. With the dough you will be spending (more on that in a bit) on this chuck of real estate, you deserve somewhere to make a dramatic entrance.

Last sold in April 2016 for $8,850,000, it returns to the market for $11,995,000.