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Pac Heights penthouse prunes $1.47 million off price

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But HOAs alone will still cost you $5,000/month

Photos courtesy of Stephen Patton and Stephen Gomez of GPK Luxury Real Estate

Update: Inexplicably, this full-floor pad in the city’s ritziest neighborhood hasn’t made it off the market yet. (What gives, area moneybags!?) So, its original asking price has dropped from $14,750,000 to $13,275,000.

Available for the first time in 25 years, the top-flood pad inside a circa-1925 building landed on the market recently. But ’20s-era living this is not. Gone are any remnants of its past. In its place, contemporary vibes galore.

Featuring four beds, three and a half baths, and an ample 5,180 square feet, the penthouse at 2100 Pacific comes with a chef’s kitchen, newfangled fireplace, hardwood flooring, and—of course—views of the bay.

Asking is $14,750,000.