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Renovated Oakland midcentury asks $799K

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1950s home mixes new and old—but mostly new

Photos by Open Homes Photography, courtesy of Andrea Gordon at Red Oak Realty

Purists may wince, but there’s nothing entirely wrong with a lovely midcentury home post-revamp. Take, for example, this 1956-built abode at 3964 Fairway Avenue, a home that mixes period details with contemporary vibes.

Featuring three beds, two baths, and 1,648 square feet, this home boasts such era accents as floor-to-ceiling windows, beamed ceilings, brick fireplace, hardwood floors, and garden with Japanese maples and drought-tolerant flowers.

Newer touches like the updated kitchen and baths are nice. The updated and manicured garden is downright envy-inducing. And, well, the snake track lighting can and should be banished into another dimension from where it shall never escape.

Overall, a gorgeous place to call home. And under a million, no less! Asking is $799,000.