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Pop’s Bar building hits market for $4.8 million

Relax, fans—the 24th Street dive bar isn’t going anywhere

Photo by Jeremey Brooks

The corner structure at 2801 24th Street—which consists of Panaderia La Mexicana Bakery, Mari’s Beauty Salon, and Pop’s Bar—landed on the MLS Tuesday, according to Redfin.

The 4,682-square-foot mixed-use space also consists of several apartments, as well as one of the funkiest murals on the block, which can be seen from the York Street side of the building.

Perhaps most noteworthy for area bar flies is the question of Pop’s Bar, a neighborhood watering hole that, in addition to opening daily at 6 a.m., celebrated 80 years in 2017.

Per Mission Local:

The earliest record of Pop’s goes back to 1937. Then, it was owned and operated by Carl Joseph Saxsenmeier, who went by “Pops.” But rumor has it that during the Prohibition Era, Saxsenmeier ran his establishment as a speakeasy called Pop’s Clubhouse.

Over the next three decades, the bar changed ownership five times, and eventually landed in the hands of the Bob and Connie Griffin, who moved the bar to the corner 24th and York in 1971.

Tom Tierney and Mike Krouse bought the bar in 2013, and even though the duo has steered the bar through a remodeling, Tierney says Pop’s has retained its blue-collar, neighborhood charm.

As for whether or not the beloved liver-damaging institution will shutter, perish the thought. Pop’s Bar has a nice long lease; it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. As for the other local (and equally cherished) businesses in the building, we’ll update as soon as we know more.

Asking is $4,898,950.