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What $6,100 rents you in San Francisco right now

Five new rentals, from Excelsior to Telegraph Hill

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a regular column exploring what you can rent for a set dollar amount in different neighborhoods. Is one person’s studio is another person’s townhouse? Today’s price: $6,100.

↑ Some rentals like to play up their green credentials to attract renters, but in the case of this Bernal Heights house that bid is a bit more literal than most, as the ad cites “trellised bougainvillea and jasmine” out front in the first sentence. The likes of “huge bay windows paired with built-in window seats,” “large Italian hardwood entertainment center,” and solar panels on the roof take second billing to the greenery. The whole place is four beds and three and a half baths for $6,100/month; note that this includes a separate in-law unit in the garage. And for a truly holistic environment, the property allow both cats and dogs with your rental.

↑ Speaking of honking big houses for even bigger sums of money, this rare find in St Francis Wood—one of San Francisco’s hands-down priciest and most hoity toity of neighborhoods—is still looking for a buyer. It’s a three-bed, one-bath house with pink exterior and Juliet balconies weighing in at just over 1,500 square feet advertising “decorative fireplace,” “French door[s] in master bedroom,” and, for some reason, “a toilet in the basement” that doesn’t rise to the level of actual full bathroom. Despite the ritzy locale, this one fared poorly in the voting last time it popped up on Comparisons, but maybe it’ll be more competitive with this slate. The price is still $6,000/month; no word on pets.

↑ If size really does matter then at least renters are getting more for their monthly investment. In the Outer Mission on Naglee Street, the offer is for a “massive five-bedroom duplex with private deck” for $5,995/month. In fact, calling the rooftop construction a mere deck is almost misidentifying it as the atrium set-up nearly approaches the level of being an entire extra floor all on its own. No word about pets this time.

↑ But for those shopping for a little bit more than the above, consider the case of this house in the Excelsior (precise locale indeterminate, at least in the ad). Although the write-up is a bit skimpy and non-specific, the numbers are what stand out: The entire arrangement is six beds and three baths for $6,000/month. And to see it from the curb you’d never think the old place had it in it. “No animals or pets please,” despite the fact that there’s ample room to keep them.

↑ And finally, there’s no getting around the inevitability of an advertised renovation, this time in the form of a two-bed, two bath condo “on top of Telegraph Hill, located on cul-de-sac” next to the Greenwich Street steps, with “floor to ceiling windows,” bamboo floors, cheery cabinets, and a roof deck all its own. For all that it’s $6,100/month, but both dogs and cats can share the views.


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    St Francis Wood House
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    Outer Mission Duplex
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    Excelsior House
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    Telegraph Hill Condo
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