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When will Salesforce Park / Transbay Transit Center open?

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Sooner or later

Photo by Brock Keeling

Via email, conversation, Slack messages, or social media tagging, the question your Curbed SF editors receive most (next to queries about when the housing bubble will pop) is: When will Salesforce Park/Transbay Transit Center open?

The short answer: Soon. Maybe this August. Or not. But most likely.

The long answer: The target opening date for both the entire Transit Center and the 5.4-acre Salesforce Park has been set for later this summer. (According to SocketSite, that date could be August 12). That date could be pushed ahead if any number of logistic issues arise. But seeing as how no major snafus have popped up, look forward to a late summer opening date.

Note: Muni service at the bus plaza (street level only) will begin in mid-June. This will be the starting point for Muni lines 5, 38, 38L, and the 7.

We will continue to update as the date approaches.