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San Francisco weekend traffic and transit: Inner Sunset Sundays

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A weekly weekend warning about what’ll hold you up.

The Inner Sunset photographed from the air, facing Golden Gate Park. Stilfehler

Before you know it, another glorious weekend in San Francisco is here, with every second person already making plans to get out and about before Monday makes it inevitable and unpopular comeback.

But some of us will also have to keep an eye open for what’s stopping traffic this weekend, so here’s a heads up about anticipated weekend waylays to make sure everyone gets where they’re going on time.

Unlike last week’s extremely busy schedule, SFMTA anticipates only one planned street closure this week, this one centered around Inner Sunset Sundays on (you guessed it) Sunday.

The Inner Sunset flea market (called just Inner Sunset Flea for short) goes down on the second Sunday of every month on Irving Street since 2015, boasting “over 30 resident, artisan, nonprofit, and local business vendors.”

With all of that activity in mind, the city warns drivers that Irving Street between Ninth Avenue and 10th will close from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Sunday.

There are no necessary bus reroutes around the affected area, but SFMTA also warns that “heavy ridership is expected on Muni bus lines and routes around the event area,” which means Muni users might run into crowded buses and long delays (fill in your own “What else is new?” joke here) on the following routes:

  • The N-Judah.
  • The 6-Haight/Parnassus.
  • The 7-Haight/Noriega.
  • The 43-Masonic.
  • The 44-O’Shaugnessy.
  • The 66-Quintara.

The only other anticipated traffic tangle this week are three scheduled Giants home games, one on Monday at 7:15 p.m., another Tuesday at the same time, and a third Wednesday at 12:45 p.m., with all of the usual traffic and Muni brouhaha that comes with game day.