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Warm weather in the Bay Area: Where to enjoy it for free now that it’s here

Parks, strolls, urban hikes, and more

Lake Merritt.
Photo by cdrin/Shutterstock

After the last few chilly weeks, sunny weather and warm temperatures will wrap their loving arms around the Bay Area this weekend. Never let go. While you decide what to do this weekend, don’t forget your SPF, your water bottle, and your cutest parasol.

How to enjoy the absence of fog and glacial temperatures? Inspired by our Boston sister site, try these ideas. They’re fun. They’re Instagram-worthy. And best of all, they’re free.

Point Reyes lighthouse.
Photo by Jennifer Wan/Shutterstock

↑ Take a hike—literally—at 10 Bay Area trails with the best scenic endings. Most of these trails, located outside of San Francisco, are easy and take an afternoon’s time. Get to stepping.

The exterior of Saint Mary’s Cathedral in San Francisco. There is a geometric shaped roof and the facade is metallic. Photo by canyalcin/Shutterstock

↑ Why are you sweating with nature—rife with dirt, twigs, and terror—when you could instead take a hike within San Francisco? Check out the 29 most iconic buildings in the city. If you want to take it one step further, here’s a map featuring the most beautiful interiors in San Francisco.

Chinese Pavilion in Golden Gate Park.
Photo by Radoslaw Lecyk/Shutterstock

↑ Need something a little lower-impact than a hike? Here are 26 places to celebrate spring in San Francisco—from stocking up on succulents at Flora Grubb Gardens to sashaying down the Lyon Street Steps.

Photo by Adam Chandler

↑ Grab some green, meat. San Francisco has a lot to offer when it comes verdant spaces. Here are 17 secret gardens and green spaces hidden around San Francisco.

Pescadero State Beach.
Pescadero State Beach.
Photo by Ingus Kruklitis/Shutterstock

↑ From sandy shores by the Golden Gate Bridge to tide pools in Bolinas, here are 11 of the Bay Area’s best beaches.

Photo by Adam Brinklow

↑ You already know about all of the city’s most popular murals. But do you know about the city’s best overlooked and forgotten murals? See them in person and give them the admiration they deserve. Also, a great way to learn more about San Francisco.

Photo by abbywilcox/Shutterstock

↑ Perfect for picnicking, rowing, walking, and jogging around, Oakland’s expansive Lake Merritt will sooth your senses as it cools you off.

San Francisco Columbarium.
Photo by Eddie Hernandez Photography/Shutterstock

↑ Head over to San Francisco’s Richmond District to uncover its architectural side.

Dolores Park.
Photo by Alfred Sonsalla/Shutterstock

↑ And finally, as always, there’s Dolores Park, the city’s second-most-popular park. Here you will find every slice of life and almost every imaginable way to imbibe. Just be sure to clean up after yourselves.