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Stunning NoPa Victorian asks $3.2 million

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Mixes new and old

Photos courtesy of Mollie Poe and Declan Hickey of Compass

Located one block from Divisadero, this circa-1900 Victorian provides perfect daydream fodder. And perfection has a price—$3,295,000, to be exact.

Let’s start with the restored facade. First, there’s a turret. Glorious. Also, there’s intricate detailing. Delightful. Even that sunburst gives off delightfully hippie vibes. Groovy.

Once inside, however, you’ll find a recently revamped interior. Purists will scoff, but the mix of old and new isn’t too shabby. Crown moldings, ceiling medallions, and original fireplaces, pocket doors, and original stained glass blend with the home’s more contemporary elements.

Featuring four beds and three baths (not to mention a separate full studio), 707 Broderick lands on the market for a hefty $3,295,000.