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385-square-foot Presidio Heights studio seeks $499,000

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Garden flat is the perfect pied-à-terre or a cozy first home in the city’s ritziest zip code

Photos by Kurt A. Manley, courtesy of Pacific Union

Within spitting distance of Presidio Terrace and a block away from Sacramento Street’s treasure trove of home design shops, you can live in one of San Francisco’s chicest neighborhoods for a downright reasonable (forgive me) price.

Featuring one bath and 385 square feet, the studio at 333 Cherry, unit B, located on the bottom floor of a three-unit Victorian, comes with hardwood floors, updated kitchen and bath, garden access, deck, and even a makeshift eat-in kitchen (i.e., a small table for two by an equally small window).

It’s not a lot of space, but compared to what most condos and homes go for these days, it seems like a downright bargain.

HOAs are $325/month; asking is $499,000.