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What $8,000 rents you in San Francisco right now

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Five new very, very lux rentals, from Nob Hill to NoPa

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a regular column exploring what you can rent for a set dollar amount in different neighborhoods. Is one person’s studio is another person’s townhouse? Today’s price: $8,000.

↑ What kind of person lays down that kind of cash for the monthly rent? Well, renters at the Infinity in South Beach, where a three-bed, two-bath, 1,610-square-foot condo with a wave-like floor plan rents for $7,850/month. Naturally the sales pitch includes floor-to-ceiling windows—what South Beach condo doesn’t?—on top of “plush Berber carpeting, Studio Becker walnut cabinetry, [and] remote-controlled custom window treatments.” Even one of the bathrooms here features full-wall windows; it’s on the 32nd floor, so the exposure up there is probably minimal. But note that, even for nearly eight grand per month, the rules still say “no pets.”

↑ If a contemporary South Beach condo doesn’t appeal to deep-pocketed renters, they can always move over to Cow Hollow, where this four-bed, two-bath corner flat resides in a pre-1906 building near Greenwich and Franklin. Admittedly, this place is a mismatch with elements like the wood paneling, box ceiling, stained glass windows, shiny refurbished kitchen, and subway tile bathroom—while standouts on their own—form an ungainly chimera when put together. On the other hand, maybe that means there really is going to be something for everyone here—or at least, anyone who can throw down $7,995/month. “Landlord is dog friendly,” which is a happy coincidence, since most SF dogs are also landlord friendly.

↑ Meanwhile, NoPa offers a four-bed, two bath apartment atop a a pre-1906 quake McAllister Street Victorian also for $7,995/month. The ad pitch here is that the place is “updated and renovated with a modern touch while maintaining the period details and classic aesthetic,” which is a similar approach to the language used to describe any unit in an old SF building. In this case, however, the standout is the bold red and yellow paint scheme, along with the advertised “extra high ceilings” and deck. No mention of pets for this one.

↑ Five-bedroom homes begin to proliferate at this price point. Take, for example, the case of this Nob Hill apartment on Jones Street, which runs five beds, two baths for $7,800/month. “Central hallway and living room have stained glass windows,” “living room has hanging lights, stained glass, and is open to the kitchen,” and “all but the mid-flat bedroom are large,” reads the ad. Note that the photos reveal the kitchen and living room are largely compartmentalized in a style more typical of older buildings than a truly open contemporary floor plan. The one thing this place doesn’t seem to have room for is specificity about pets, as there’s no word as to whether they’re permitted.

↑ And finally, the Inner Richmond wins the space race with a whopping five-bed, four-bath duplex on Balboa Street. Constructed in 2012, this one comes in at an even $8,000/month. In this case the ad also breaks down the rent on a per-room basis for the benefit of individual renters, down to as low (by SF standards) as $1,500/month. No pets allowed this time though.


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    Nob Hill apartment
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