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Burning Man ‘post-nature tree’ coming to Hayes Valley

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Charles Gadeken’s installation features 786 white cubes

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The San Francisco Arts Commission announced today that local artist Charles Gadeken’s glowing, tree-like LED installation SQUARED is moving into Hayes Valley. It will go on display for a year at Patricia’s Green starting May 5.

SQUARED is a 50-foot-tall tree that, according to the artist, is “reimagined in a futuristic world post nature.” Come nightfall, the sculpture will light up in an array of colors and patterns.

Per to the artist’s site,SQUARED is an otherworldly totem of gigantic proportions. [...] The cubic form and fractal arrangement of 3D light pixels represent the evolution of organic matter and its amalgamation with digital technology.”

He goes on to say,”This tree reflects the universe of complexity, mystery, and serendipity that defines our journey through time and emergence into the future age.”

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It’s worth noting that Gadeken premiered the piece at Burning Man in 2014.

Gadeken also produced a companion piece, 2SQUARED, which is, in fact, just two different versions of SQUARED on display simultaneously, but Patricia’s Green will only feature one.

SQUARED features 786 cubes in all, each composed of between 12 and 24 individual LEDs. The planned dedication ceremony runs from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m. on May 5.

New art.

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