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Midcentury-modern in Sherwood Forest asks $2.4 million

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Comes with garden and wine room

Photos courtesy of Mike Shaw and Bernie Katzmann

If you aren’t dreaming of living in Sherwood Forest—San Francisco’s smallest neighborhood, brimming with midcentury-modern gems as well as designs by noted architects like Timothy Pflueger and Julia Morgan—then dream bigger. To help you get started, check out this rare specimen that recently hit the market.

Featuring four beds, three and a half baths, and 4,144 square feet, 55 Robinhood Drive (the neighborhood even has a theme!) comes with hardwood floors, renovated kitchen and baths, and an expansive terrace with views of Sutro Tower.

Granted, some midcentury purists will cock an eyebrow as the revamped interiors, but it’s nothing heavy doses of grit, imagination, and coin couldn’t remedy for those still besotted by Mad Men-era decor. And the home’s angular curb appeal is downright priceless.

Speaking of dollars, asking is $2,495,000.