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Funky, fab Bayview home seeks $959,000

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Photos by Open Homes Photography, courtesy of Sammy Hastings and Reagan Zahiralis

Billed in the listing as a “garden retreat in the Bayview,” it is indeed that but so much more. What a blast of fresh air to see a renovated home with creative, whimsical touches that eschew the antiseptic revamps besmirching many turn-of-the-century San Francisco homes these days.

Coming in at three beds, two baths, and 1,657 square feet, 1386 Thomas is made up of two buildings—the circa-1915 main house, which features high ceilings, built-ins, large attic space with nifty design accents; and the newer, smaller addition in the back, a to-be-completed space that benefits from vaulted ceilings.

Overall, this kind of house brings to mind artist commune-like dwellings of yore (i.e., the ’80s-’90s). Unique, lovely.

Asking is $959,000.