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London Breed promises housing, talks second BART tube in mayoral race AMA

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But the candidate for mayor left some interesting questions hanging

As part of her ongoing campaign for mayor, Board of Supervisors President London Breed opened an ”Ask Me Anything” thread on Reddit’s San Francisco forum last week, taking queries from users who were, for the most part, concerned about housing and transportation.

Breed’s replies were mostly general, frequently touting her history as a legislator or agreeing that more should be done to redress a problem, but not providing much in the way of particulars. She did, however, link to her many policy platform blogs, which provide some more specific campaign promises.

Here are a few of Breed’s AMA comments:

  • More subways, second Transbay Tube: When asked about expanding public transit—particularly in conjunction with new housing—Breed said, “We need to continue expanding Muni” and touted her past legislation increasing SFMTA’s bus fleet. But her most intriguing comments pitched more rail transit in the city, “including a second BART tube [and] more subways.”
  • More housing, faster housing: Repeating her pledge to build 5,000 new homes per year, Breed told Redditors she would kick up the rate of construction by making permit entitlements faster and easier, and reiterated her support for Scott Wiener’s SB 827 bill: “We need to streamline the approval process. Affordable and code-compliant projects should be able to get approved much more quickly. And when projects are entitled, i.e. approved by Planning, we need to make sure they get their permits more quickly so they can start building.” She also endorsed the upcoming ballot measure “Automatic Approval of Certain Housing Projects That Comply with Local Zoning.”
  • More money for street repair: “The condition of our streets is very important to me, and I will definitely budget the money to improve them,” Breed promised. She did not go into detail about what that budget might look like. Note that she deferred several times to a forthcoming transportation platform for specifics about transit questions.
  • No compromise with feds on immigration: One thing the candidate was not ambiguous about was a firm refusal to change San Francisco’s policies about cooperating with federal immigration. “Protecting our sanctuary city policies will absolutely be a top priority of mine,” said Breed, adding, “I would be willing to go to jail to protect San Francisco’s stance.”

Looking over the comments, it appears that Breed left some potentially intriguing questions unanswered. Note that this is not unusual for Reddit’s AMA format and it’s hard to tell which questions the candidate might have shied away from, if any, and questions to which she didn’t have time to respond.

Still, if Breed or any of her opponents in the June election want to offer some policy-specific replies to the following, we’re listening:

  • “Many different people have different opinions on the Hunters Point superfund site, with some wanting it to turn into housing and others wanting it to stay undeveloped due to safety concerns. What are your thoughts and plans?”
  • “It is frustrating to see MUNI trains waiting at traffic lights. As mayor, will you direct the MTA to enact signal priority for trains?”
  • “What are your ideas about combating the number of vacant storefronts all over the city? It seems like landlords try holding out for as much money as possible while the neighborhood itself deals with the fallout.”
  • “What is your stance on the increasing presence of stationless bikes and scooters? Jump Bikes, Lime Scooters, etc?”
  • “Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized NIMBYs or one horse-sized NIMBYs?”