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Police release 911 transcripts of Apple Park employees who walked into glass walls

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Foster + Partners have begun adhering black rectangular stickers on the glass to help with visibility

Apple Park in Cupertino.
Apple Park in Cupertino.
Phoot by Shinya Suzuki

Some guffawed after catching wind that Apple employees hurt themselves by walking into the glass walls of the Lord Norman Foster-designed Apple Park. But some of the injuries sustained were serious enough to warrant calls to 911. (Note: It’s always—always—wise to get medical attention if you bump your head; concussions, however slight, could prove fatal if not tended to properly.)

Via a public-records request, the San Francisco Chronicle obtained transcripts of the 9-1-1 calls placed shortly after company employees hurt themselves. Injuries included broken skin, blood, and a possible need for stitches. Ouch.

In part, the transcripts read:

Dispatcher: Tell me exactly what happened.

Patient: Um, I walked into a glass door on the first floor of Apple Park when I was trying to go outside, which was very silly.

Dispatcher: You keep breaking up. You walked through a glass door?

Patient: I didn’t walk through a glass door. I walked into a glass door.

Dispatcher: OK, one second. Did you injure your head?

Patient: I hit my head.

Dispatcher: How old are you?

Patient: 23.

Apple Park, which opened in 2017, is noted for its ample and widespread use of glass inside and out, making up walls and doors. Shortly after the campus opened, some employees began using stickie notes to warn passersby of the see-through walls. The warnings were reportedly taken down so as not to interfere with Foster’s sleek, albeit human-unfriendly, design.

However, according to 9 to 5 Mac, black rectangular stickers were put up on said walls to warn employees in December, before the aforementioned noggin-to-glass collisions occurred.

“Apple Park’s architect, Foster + Partners, are now placing black rectangular stickers with rounded corners on the glass panes to help aid in visibility,” reports 9 to 5 Mac. “It’s unclear whether or not these are the same stickers that were removed from the previous reports, or if these are new stickers that are required to be there.”

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