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Midcentury-modern home near Tilden Park asks $1.19 million

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Comes with exposed beams and floor-to-ceiling windows.

Photos by Liz Rusby, courtesy of Ana Plowright, Ford/Plowright, the Grubb Company

Renovated from the studs up, this midcentury treat in Berkeley comes with many of the period details that still make this style so popular with buyers: exposed beams, open floor plan, vaulted ceiling, floor-to-ceiling windows.

But this home, located at 730 Wildcat Canyon Road, also comes with contemporary touches like new kitchen, baths, and light fixtures. (Although purists might cock an eyebrow at midcentury renovations, the era’s staid kitchen and baths have rarely been head turners.)

Also of note, this is a two-story affair with the majority of the bedrooms located on the bottom floor. And do clock the party-ready patio in the front. Lovely.

Asking is $1,195,000.