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Open thread: Tell us your worst apartment stories

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From bed bugs to paper-thin walls

Photo by Oleg Podzorov

Sparked by recent reports of an abusive landlord who owes millions of dollars to the city after being being convicted of nefarious deeds against her tenants, we wondered what other horror stories are out there in the frustrating world of renting in the Bay Area.

From major issues like tenant harassment and inhabitable buildings to daily conundrums such as leaky plumbing and noisy neighbors (Peter J. Haskett and Raymond Huffman’s alcohol-laced arguments inside their San Francisco apartment are infamous), we want to know: Are you someone experiencing these types of issues?

Please tell us how your less-than-pleasant experience play out for you? How did you resolve it? What would you have done better? Did you have to move? Leave your stories in the comments. While some tales may be a little disturbing to recall, remember you’re in good company. Many city dwellers have an arsenal of similar renting horror stories to share.