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This simple Sunnyvale home sold for $2 million in only two days

MLS claims that it also broke a square footage record in the city

Courtesy Douglas Larson, Coldwell Banker

The two-bed, one-bath, 848-square-foot house at 1062 Plymouth Street in Sunnyvale wasn’t even on the market for the length of a long weekend before a buyer dropped $2 million in cash for it—possibly breaking a Sunnyvale record in the process.

According to realtor Doug Larson, it only took two days for the circa 1953 home to find a buyer. The humble home, a one-story ranch-style, was only asking $1.45 million to begin with.

To top it off, the San Jose Mercury News repots that at $2,358/square foot, 1062 Plymouth is the most expensive house in terms of cash to space ratio ever sold in the city of Sunnyvale.

It’s notoriously difficult to confirm alleged records or record busting when it comes to home sales, but in this case the Mercury cites no less an authority than Multiple Listing Services President Jim Harrison.

Larson tells Curbed SF there were several past sales that appeared to have gone for more, but upon investigation all were actually record keeping errors. “There was one place on a huge lot that was going to be a teardown, but that was only about $2,100/foot” and the most likely previous record holder, says Larson.

He notes that MLS records go back only as far as the year 2000, but “I doubt anything would have gone over this before that.”

No kidding.

The home itself, though perfectly pretty, is an unlikely record breaker, the big deal sale probably having more to do with the bizarrely frantic scale of demand in Silicon Valley these days.

Although Larson’s ad does note that the 6,000 square foot lot leaves “plenty of room to expand,” so it’s possible the no-nonsense buyer has ambitions beyond just this now prize abode.