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Tiny Mid-Market loft asks $399K

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Photos courtesy of Katharine Holland at Zephyr Real Estate

Welcome to the Under $700K club, wherein we salute those home listings that manage to keep their initial list price well under seven figures, especially in this time of excess. Which is getting harder every week, since even the average price a home in San Francisco is still creeping toward $1.4 million.

We’ve raved about this building before, the landmark Book Concern Building, an innovative, mixed-income micro-loft development targeted toward urban dwellers.

Today’s specimen, #212, is a treat for anyone looking for their own pad but for not a lot of cash. Featuring one bed, bath, and a fun-size 400 square feet, this condo comes with a remodeled kitchen, high ceilings, industrial design, mezzanine bedroom, and more.

It even has partial brick wall exposure going for it. Chic.

Asking is $399,000.