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Ritz-Carlton Residences penthouse asks $5.9 million

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Photos by Jacob Elliott, courtesy of Gregg Lynn of Sotheby’s International Realty

Top floor. Two stories. Penthouse. Ritz. Carlton. What else does one need to hear? The penthouse at the Ritz-Carlton Residences, located on the FiDi-SoMa border on Market Street, was designed under the direction of Joel Sanders Architects of New York City, who have models in the permanent collections at MOMA and SFMOMA.

The contemporary abode in the sky comes with all the trappings found in recent renovations: floating walnut and glass staircase; master bath with (gasp) a window, the unicorn of high-rise living; shower dividing wall of glass that switches from clear to frosted with the press of a button; cove lighting; and curvilinear wall of paneled walnut wood.

It’s a treat for passersby who have ever wondered what’s happening on the top floor—a tony piece of property that rarely arrives on the market.

Featuring two beds, two and a half baths, and roughly 3,030 square feet, asking is $5,950,000.