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Pacific Heights mansion, inspired by Art Deco era, asks $17.8 million

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One of the most expensive properties on the market

Photos courtesy of David Bellings, Coldwell Banker

Inching its way into the top five priciest properties on the San Francisco market, this circa-1917 manse in tony Pacific Heights is quite the stunner, especially for neo-Art Deco fans with an eye on the past.

Coming in at six beds, five baths, and roughly 8,900 square feet spread across four floor, 2100 Broadway doesn’t skimp on volume and size. The foyer alone, as SFGate points out, “is larger than many San Francisco apartments.”

This place might not turn the heads of the single billionaire on the go or an IPO-rich tech nerd looking for new digs—which would be a shame; this abode has bones that put new constructions to shame—but it’s ideal for a well-to-do family busting at the seams with cash and kids.

Also of note, the Art Deco-inspired decor: From the etched glass front door to the colorful geometric detailed bathrooms, the renovated look, completed sometime in the 1990s, is a treat for anyone tired of antiseptic redos.

Asking is $17,800,000.