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Under $700K Club: Vallejo Colonial-style home near ferry terminal

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Modern twist on an old favorite

Photos courtesy of Bhima Sheridan, Red Oak Realty

Welcome to Curbed SF’s way-too-exclusive Under $700K Club, a special, members-only group for Bay Area properties that dare to list for less than seven-tenths of a million dollars even in these Through the Looking Glass-style market times.

Granted, this Vallejo home doesn’t hail from the 1600s-1800s—i.e., when Colonial homes were most prevalent—but it’s a downright charming simulation of ye olde yankee doodle days.

Located at 302 Capitol Street, this three-bed, three-bath, 2,757-square-foot home comes with contemporary digs inside (boasting loads of color), as well as a bonus attached one-bed, one-bath in-law. Also, it’s a few blocks away from the Vallejo ferry terminal, ideal for daytime city folk looking to escape come nightfall.

Asking is $650,000.