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Contemporary Glen Park behemoth finds buyer

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Home sells for nearly $10 million

Photos by Jacob Elliott, courtesy of Pacific Union

It’s no secret that Glen Park needs more housing—vertical, dense housing, ideally. Because homes in the sleepy San Francisco neighborhood now fetch Pac Heights prices. The most recent example, this ultra-contemporary construction at 143 Laidley, which sold for a cool $9.7 million. In Glen Park. Anything goes.

What’s more, this set a new Glen Park record: According to SocketSite, the three-level house sold for “a record-setting $9.7 million price for the neighborhood and roughly $1,830 per square foot.” (The previous record holder was this contemporary house at 80 Laidley, which nabbed a comparatively humble $5 million in 2017.)

Price aside, the home is most noteworthy for its cedar-fronted facade at street level, which hid an expansive three floors boasting open floor plans, a glass-sided staircase, and a prominent use of wood.

Kudos to the unidentified new owner(s) who will share a street with Apple executives and other tech bigwigs.