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Former gay bar building turned single-family home asks $5.9 million

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Two Pacific Heights flats and former watering hole become one snazzy new property

Photos by Cesar Rubio, courtesy of Ron Abta, Paragon Real Estate Group

Not too long ago, well before the bulk of the city’s LGBTQ community was relegated to the Castro District, almost every neighborhood had a queer space, usually a bar or a nightclub. Pacific Heights, for example, had the Lion Pub, a dimly-lit fern bar notable for its older clientele seeking May-December rendezvouses.

Over the last decade, the bar turned into more of a straight lounge for the Marina set, per the norm in San Francisco these days. And now, less than two years after it shut down, the bar and its building, a circa-1900 Victorian, have transformed into a contemporary, single-family residence.

Featuring four beds, five and a half baths, and 4,809 square feet, 2060 Divisadero comes with three floors of space. The bedrooms located on the top floor; kitchen dining room, and living spaces on the second; and the “office space/future family & media room,” which also comes with an au-pair unit, at the bottom.

While the interiors are contemporary to the hilt, a smattering of the home’s old Victoriana remains. The marble fireplaces are a delight and the wooden staircase banisters (which, yes, are now painted white) are a nice touch. Look up to see ceiling medallions. And best of all, an old lion-themed stained glass window from its gin-and-tonic days (eons away from said Victorian roots) is now framed in the yard.

Asking for this historic piece of property is $5,995,000.