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Fred Reimers-designed Oakland home asks $1.6 million

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1928 house influenced by the Cotswold style comes with secret gardens

Photos courtesy of Ana and Pascal Forest of Red Oak Realty

You don’t see too many Cotswold-style homes in the Bay Area, but there’s a really cool one at the edge of Piedmont in Oakland. Designed by Fred Reimers in 1928 as a “honeymoon cottage” for the original owners, 1366 Sunnyhills Road offers a glimpse into the past—at least from the outside.

Featuring three beds, two and a half baths, and 2,623 square feet, this arboreal-situated abode is flanked by a giant oak and sequoias, flowers, a few secret gardens, and stone paths.

The interiors, which still hold some semblances of the past (dig those built-in window seats), are more conventional and contemporary. Purists might wince after setting eyes on the new-ish kitchen, but it’s important to remember that, while the days of yore are aesthetically pleasing in hindsight, modern amenities, which make daily life easier, are understandable. (However, we do commiserate with readers who grimaced after bearing witness to this Eichler kitchen redo.)

The asking price for this wistful sensation is $1,695,000.