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San Francisco goes to Tokyo in new mural

Bernal Heights artist’s newest work gives Japan the gift of San Francisco

Mt. Fuji over SF. For the new @wisesons in Tokyo

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San Francisco has gotten itself a little bit lost in the latest cityscape mural by local artist Amos Goldbaum, transported by unknown means to the foot of Mount Fuji in a scene that’s set to grace SF-based Wise Sons’ deli’s new Tokyo location.

Golbaum specializes in line-drawn portraits of San Francisco, which you’ve probably seen on various t-shirts around town.

His style breaks San Francisco down to its most basic elements, with all the clutter and complication of the city briefly set aside in favor of rendering its most recognizable features with confidence and clarity.

So his work makes a great visual ambassador, and Wise Sons brought him over to Tokyo to illustrate everyone’s mutual hometown on the walls of their new outlet at the Marunouchi Building, the company’s first overseas locale, which Bernalwood notes is set to open next week.

Those curious about what kind of gander at SF the Tokyo set will get as they (hopefully) line up for pastrami, matso balls, and other authentically California-style Jewish cuisine can follow Golbaum’s progress in his “attempted timelapse” video on Instagram.

Attempted time-lapse

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It’s a typical Goldbaum scene, capturing San Francisco’s architecture, hilly terrain, and notable landmarks like City Hall and the Transamerica Pyramid in broad strokes (although we note that any new high-rises like 181 Fremont and Salesforce Tower are absent from the scene), but instead of the Marin Headlands it’s now Mount Fuji that lies north of the Golden Gate Bridge.

It’s an eloquent gesture, marking a small new connection—both culinary and now artistic—between the two cities. And future Tokyo tourists from the Bay Area now know where to go for a small taste of home while abroad.