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Duboce Triangle Victorian, built in 1892, seeks $1.9 million

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Comes with period details galore

Photo by Rachel Swann, The Agency

This Victorian specimen in Duboce Triangle is a treat to behold. Not only did it survive the Great Quake—it was constructed in 1892—the detached house also has not (yet) fallen prey to an overwhelming antiseptic renovation.

The roomy three beds and two baths, 69 Beaver Street (chortle) comes with a double door entry, crown moldings, two wood-burning fireplaces, converted attic space, and a backyard with grass lawn.

The downstairs bedroom-bathroom combo is interesting insofar everything is out in the open. No matter. This Vic is ideal for anyone who wants to live in the Castro too, as it’s a skip away from the queer mecca.

Asking is $1,995,000.