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Chase Center starting to look like an arena

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Future home of the Warriors comes to life

Image via Chase Center/YouTube

It’s been a full year since the Chase Center, future home of the Golden State Warriors, broke ground in San Francisco’s Mission Bay. And now—at last—it’s beginning to take shape, with a visible arena oval, giving a clear sense of what’s to come.

Only three months ago it didn’t look like much. What a difference three months make. Roughly 450 workers per day work to construct the billion-dollar project

The Chase Center isn’t scheduled for completion until the end of 2019, so this project will take its time. Once completed, the 18,000-seat arena will also boast 100,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space, as well as five-plus acres of public waterfront park.

Aside: The real treat for architecture nerds, should they visit Chase Center to partake in basketball game viewing, is the construction’s close proximity to the parking garage at 450 South Street. The abstract-modern garage, designed by WRNS Studio and winner of the 2010 AIA San Francisco Excellence in Architecture Award, will border the arena to the north. It is arguably one of the city’s most impressive and beloved designs, and always an Instagram hit.

Anyway, here’s what Chase Center looks like as of this week:

Progress continues!

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Currently, over 450 workers per day assist in construction of Chase Center.

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And here’s a video of the year-long progress it’s made: