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Check out the Presidio’s red-tailed hawk family nest live cam

Reality TV is for the birds—literally

A contemporary construction popped up in the Presidio last week—a rustic, shabby-chic affair using repurposed materials like bark strips, dry vegetation, and fresh foliage. The 2018 project, a red-tailed hawk family’s nest, took 4-7 days to complete. And the Presidio Trust’s live cam was there to capture it all, which you can see 24/7.

According to San Francisco Examiner, “The web cam has been placed 100 feet high in a blue gum eucalyptus tree and will live-stream the nest of a pair of red-tailed hawks known to reside in the area year round.”

Best of all, the duo are, of course, expecting. As soon as the eggs are laid, they will “take 28-35 days to hatch.” And after that, fuzzy chicks will be available for your viewing pleasure. The YouTube channel will follow the tiny birds from infancy to leaving the nest.

The exact location of the nest is undisclosed in order to give the couple privacy. (The Presidio is popular with the bird-watching sect.) Presidio Trust will also feature a highlights playlist from the cam so you don’t miss anything important.

In related news, according to SFGate, “a few hummingbirds have pilfered feathers, twigs, and bits of fuzz” from the nest. No arrests have been made.

Photo via Presidio Trust