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Curbed Cup has been retired, but tell us why your neighborhood is great

After eight tournaments, it’s time to move on—and accentuate the positives

mid-rise buildings from victorians to contemporary with sky and a hill on the horizon. Photo by trekandshoot/Shutterstock

A quick programming note, San Francisco denizens:

This year, like all Curbed cities, we will not run Curbed Cup, the annual neighborhood showdown voted on by readers. Instead, we’re asking you, our readers, to try a new way to celebrate what you love about where you live.

Why the change?

Curbed Cup was created as a way for people to celebrate their environments—to champion their neighborhoods, to unite their communities, and to rally around collective progress. However, over time, the Curbed Cup bracket has, like many spaces on the internet, played host to disparaging commentary, occasional cheating, pitting neighbor against neighbor, and other violations of commenting guidelines.

In a time when divisions—real, perceived, or aggressively stoked—are easier to exploit than ever, we’re done creating a space for them. There are other ways to celebrate San Francisco. Though we’ll miss the thrill of competition, we’re ready to try something new.

In addition to retrospective coverage in coming days that will look back at San Francisco’s changing landscape in 2018—and what to look forward to in 2019—we want to hear from you, the people who know your specific neighborhoods better than anyone.

How to chime in

It’s time to brag about your neighborhood, San Francisco!

Did local media miss a wonderful community initiative that improved the lives of neighbors? Let us know. Did a new development or housing venture offer options that were lacking before? Good grief, let us know. Did hiking trails happen? Did the restaurant scene blossom? Did bike lanes improve safety? Please let us know.

Please drop a quick email with the subject line “MY NEIGHBORHOOD” to the tipline.

We’ll compile your input for story that celebrates the city’s glorious neighborhoods, in the words of people who love them.

Here’s one last look at the list of past Curbed Cup San Francisco champions:

Thanks, San Francisco, for playing over the years—and for always voicing your local pride.