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Activists read aloud names of Camp Fire victims in the lobby of SF PG&E building

85 people died during California’s deadliest wildfire

PG&E building in sf
PG&E’s Market Street building in San Francisco.
Photo by Brock Keeling

A protest with roughly two dozens people took place inside the lobby of Pacific Gas and Electric’s downtown San Francisco building Tuesday, in response to the widespread destruction and record-breaking fatalities that occurred during November’s Camp Fire, the deadliest wildfire in California history.

Activists read aloud the names of 38 people, ranging from 53 to 95 years old, who died in the fire. (85 were killed, but only 38 names have been released to the public.)

“Demonstrators began with a rally in Embarcadero Plaza before marching a few blocks to PG&E headquarters,” reports the San Francisco Chronicle. “Their chants along the way included cries of ‘clean power to the people’ and “‘PG&E, no more greed, we should own our energy.’”

The gathering comes on the heels of an unconfirmed report that the fire was allegedly sparked by a 100-year-old transmission tower.

“The fire began at the base of a transposition tower, which serves to redistribute the electricity on the system to balance the load and assure safety,” alleges NBC Bay Area. “The tower has two arms holding out the ‘jumper,’ a part of the line that’s being shifted to another point at the top of the tower.”

The NBC affiliate goes on to say that authorities “believe the fire started with the fracturing of a steel hook that holds up the insulators to the arms above,” which “failed in high winds the morning of Nov. 8.”

Citing an ongoing investigation, Cal Fire has not confirmed the unconfirmed cause that puts PG&E at the center.

Several lawsuits were filed against the utility company following the fire. The cause of the Camp Fire, which destroyed nearly 14,000 homes and scorched 153,336 acres, has yet to be determined.