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Fourth week of rain forecast for SF

Most recent storms playing coy with the Bay Area

Dark clouds over the Golden Gate Bridge Photo by Marco Rimola

Rain has visited San Francisco for the past three weeks straight, albeit only lightly during the most recent storms one week ago.

This week calls for much of the same, with forecasts predicting chances of rainfall at the beginning and end of the five-day span, followed by a wet weekend.

According to the National Weather Service, there is a 30 percent chance of “scattered showers” in SF starting Monday.

The rest of the week appears to be a mild affair, capped off with another “chance of rain” come Friday. Rainfall becomes increasingly more likely over the weekend, with “rain likely” on Sunday.

The Weather Channel forecast predicts a slight chance of rain through Wednesday, but puts the odds at ten percent. That figure jumps up to 60 percent by Friday night and then 70 percent come Sunday.

The most recent set of California storms touched SF only lightly but spelled havoc for Los Angeles, depositing some three inches in the downtown area, beating previous precipitation records and triggering some mudslides, according to Curbed LA.

According to the most recent map issued by the U.S. Drought Monitor for California last week, successive weeks of rainfall does seem to have done the state some good.

A week prior, 100 percent of the state was experiencing at least “abnormally dry” conditions, whereas now it’s just over 92 percent.

Over 83 percent of California suffered at least “moderate drought” previously (the Bay Area included), but now that figure is down to less than 80 percent.

Areas suffering “severe drought” or worse are mostly unchanged, though a bit better off than they were as recently as September, the beginning of the state’s “water year.”