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Fire breaks out at Bayshore recycling center [Updated]

Brisbane blaze prompts smoke warning for SF

A fire broke out at a recycling center in Brisbane Tuesday morning, immediately south of San Francisco, spawning potentially hazardous quantities of smoke across the the city.

“Brisbane is working to extinguish a fire at 501 tunnel Recology” the San Francisco Fire Department announced via Twitter. “This is producing smoke in the southern end of San Francisco,” the message continued, advising that those nearby close their windows and doors.

The recycling center is dubbed “Recology San Francisco,” but actually lies just south of the city’s border and the neighborhood of Little Hollywood, immediately next to the Bayshore Caltrain station.

Aerial photos show smoke pouring from the facility. It’s not yet apparent how the fire began.

The plumes are also visible from the freeway. California Highway Patrol warns that this may cause delays in morning commute, adding that drivers should not call 911 unless they see smoke that they believe to be from a different fire.

This is a developing story and we will update as the day continues.

[Update: The city of Brisbane reported at 1 p.m. on Tuesday that the Recology fire is “is 30 percent contained and is confined to a large construction debris pile” with no injuries reported, but also no indication on how long until the fire is extinguished.

With smoke conditions growing worse, San Franciscans are advised to keep inside if possible and keep their doors and windows shut, particularly in the city’s southeastern neighborhoods.]

[Update: At 4 p.m. Tuesday Brisbane announced that the San Francisco Fire Department had taken over the job of containing the burn.

SFFD reported via Twitter that the fire was 90 percent contained by 8:30 p.m. and cited “spontaneous combustion” as the most likely cause.]