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San Francisco Lego set finally available

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Buildings include Transamerica Pyramid and Salesforce Tower

Update: After one long month of waiting, the San Francisco Lego set is now available for purchase on the company’s site. It costs $49.99 and is available now. Enjoy.

Listen up, AFOLs: Lego will—at last—introduce a San Francisco edition of its popular architecture series, tentatively scheduled to launch sometime in 2019.

Although Lego has yet to make the announcement official—a Lego spokesperson would not go into details about the upcoming SF-themed set—Lego fan sites Promo Bricks and Brick Fanatics broke the news, which was later picked up by the San Francisco Examiner.

Which types of beloved/exhausted San Francisco structures will be featured in the new series? The obvious choices—which include the Golden Gate Bridge, a handful of nondescript Victorians (perhaps an ode to the Painted Ladies), the Transamerica Pyramid, and Coit Tower—are all there.

Other city signifiers in the set will include 555 California, San Francisco’s fourth tallest tower; Fort Point; a cable car; and Alcatraz Island, the troubled tourist trap that pays tribute to the industrial prison complex.

Most surprising would be the inclusion of Salesforce Tower, a structure that might irk San Francisco purists who see the city through a sepia-toned lens. While the city’s tallest high-rise is new, both its size and girth garnered it instant icon status when it opened earlier this year.

No word yet when exactly the San Francisco set will make its debut. A Lego spokesperson tells Curbed SF that new sets are announced whenever they appear on the plastic toy brick company’s new-release section.

Going above and beyond Space and Castle varieties, Lego’s architecture series has included replicas of buildings with major pedigree, like Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth House, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, and the Guggenheim Museum.