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Berkeley teardown seeks $970K

Residential remnants sit on 4,200-square-foot lot

Photos courtesy of Ning Sha at Grubb Co.

Not much to see here except the bones of a circa-1912 home in Berkeley. Only the faded facade and architectural skeleton remain of this former four-bed, four-bath, 1,910-square-foot duplex.

“Calling all investors and contractors,” exclaims the realtor’s listing. “Berkeley Duplex with plenty of potential. Bring your imagination and make it something truly amazing.”

Indeed, make 1418 Northside Avenue something special, future owner. But said special something shouldn’t be too big. Berkeley bigwigs often reject new housing stock, especially in the midst of a housing crisis, no matter how badly needed.

Nevertheless, this parcel should make for a swell new pad; it sits on an ample lot measuring approximately 4,200 square feet.

Landing on the market in April for $1,099,000, the asking price has dropped to $970,000.