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Google pays $1 billion for entire Mountain View complex [Correction]

Huge new campus located a few blocks from its longtime Mountain View base of operations

Google sign on the side of its Mountain View HQ. Photo by Sundry Photography

It appears that internet giant Google has purchased the entire Britannia Shoreline Technology Park in Mountain View for the reported price of $1 billion.

Google, of course, already has an enormous Mountain View headquarters, the famous Googleplex, which sits less than 3,000 feet from the new acquisition, just down the block on the opposite side of North Shoreline Boulevard.

So great is the company’s appetite for prime Silicon Valley real estate that it’s swallowing the neighboring complex whole, in a purchase that the San Francisco Chronicle calls “second-largest 2018 real estate acquisition nationwide.”

The single largest was Google’s own New York City purchase earlier this year.

The Britannia Shoreline Technology Park is a 12-building arrangement measuring nearly 800,000 square feet in all—or roughly 52 acres.

Once upon a time, LinkedIn operated out of the site, using the circa-1985 property as their headquarters. Investment firm HCP Incorporated bought the locale in 2008 and paid SF-based consulting firm PMA to help develop a new office campus on the property, a two-story, 70,000-square-foot construction designed by DES Architects Engineers (also SF-based) to accompany the existing ’80s-era buildings, which LinkedIn moved into in 2011.

Google Maps

Since then, Google has rented most of the space inside the complex. According to real estate data site CompStak, the tech mammoth’s lease was supposed to run through 2021.

LinkedIn has mostly pulled out of the locale, though CompStak also lists a very small (300 square foot) asset there for the company through 2023.

Google confirmed the purchase with the San Francisco Chronicle when asked but did not comment beyond that.

In addition to its new Silicon Valley acquisition, Google signed a lease in November for 300,000 square feet at the former Salesforce headquarters at One Market in San Francisco.

Correction: We initially noted San Francisco as the home to LinkedIn, which is, in fact, in Sunnyvale.