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Aardvark Books building sells for slightly under asking

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Owen, the orange tabby cat, guarding the books.
Photo by Lynn Friedman

San Francisco’s real estate boom has claimed another local mainstay, as Hoodline reports that 227 Church, the longtime location of Aardvark Books, wrapped up a sale on Monday that almost certainly spells the end for the bibliophile redoubt.

Building owner John Hadreas—who also owns the bookstore—first put the property up for sale in 2017, hoping for $2.85 million. When that listing expired without any takers Hadreas followed up with a July listing at $2.45 minion.

According to the listing updated on Monday, the final price was just a smidge less: $2.43 million.

The ad specified that the building would be “delivered vacant” upon sale, a chilly pronouncement for Aardvark, which escaped the plagues of stuttering sales and rent hikes that do in most small local businesses but finds itself cut short by a seller’s market anyway.

Aardvark first opened doors on Church Street in 1978. For the past few months, ever since news of the various sales attempts broke, the storefront featured a hand lettered sign ensuring the public that the store was still hanging in there.

But soon the space will be replaced by a sign of the times instead.