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Double-A frame Eichler in Concord seeks $925K

East Bay abode wows

Photos courtesy of Alain Pinel Realtors

A circa-1964 A. Quincy Jones double A-frame atrium model Eichler has just come on the market in Concord, and it’s downright glorious. Just look at these photos to see the obvious: The home is a showstopper.

Unlike other Eichler models (e.g., the specimens found in Palo Alto), this four-bedroom, two-bathroom model, located at 3725 Merridan, is distinguished by its high-pitched roof, which forms an atrium that begins with the main open-air courtyard entrance and extends backward to a living room anchored by a floor-length brick fireplace and glass walls.

While recent additions like the carpet and the painted ceilings might have purists cocking their eyebrows, period details like the globe lighting, vaulted-and-beamed ceilings, and wood paneling can still be found inside this midcentury looker.

Asking is $925,000.