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The smallest home listed in San Francisco wants $650K

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The kid’s got potential

Photos courtesy of Linda Ngo of Compass

From the priciest home on the market, we bring you another housing extreme—the smallest home currently listed in San Francisco.

Built in 1922, this petite abode in Visitacion Valley was into the tiny-home craze long before it became a trend. Featuring one bedroom, one bathroom, and a tight 480-square-feet, 66 Bishop lands on the market seeking a mere $650,000.

While this scrappy pad bearing a dusty rose facade has seen better days, there’s a lot to love about this home—specifically, its lot.

“It needs some TLC, but it has a lot of potential and a huge 2,500-square-foot-lot,” says Linda Ngo of Compass.

Seeing as how the median price for a home in the city is around $1.31 million, as SFGate also noted, this is a downright bargain when viewed through the lens of the San Francisco real estate market. Further, the home comes with plans to renovate the property into a two-bed, two-bath, 913-square-foot home.

As for the tiniest home on the SF market in recent history? This 363-square-foot Mission home, which sold in 2017 for $600,000.