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See Berkeley BART plaza rebuilt in 50 seconds

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If only BART trains were as speedy

The name of the game in Bay Area construction these days is delays. Who doesn’t wish they could just push fast forward and skip the end of any new multi-million dollar project?

On Thursday, the newly redesigned plaza around the Downtown Berkeley BART station finally opened, complete with a new swooping glass canopy and towering public art.

According to the city of Berkeley, the demolition of the storied, circa-1973 icositegragonal rotunda, which graced the site for nearly 45 years, and the completion of the new structure took about 15 months—which is to say, nine months longer than it was originally scheduled.

But as part of Thursday’s festivities, BART released a dizzying time-lapse video that shows the entire shebang coming together in just 50 seconds.

The descent of the old rotunda into Coliseum-like ruins is probably the highlight of the whole affair, but watching the new canopy emerge from the ground before our eyes is a surreal treat in and of itself.