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Castro Victorian tenancy in common asks $699,000

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1890 Italianate TIC blends new and old

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Rosdail of Keller Williams

While $699,000 gets you a three-bedroom home in Boise, Idaho, it can also net you a one-bedroom abode in San Francisco’s Castro neighborhood, arguably a more exciting and colorful locale.

Featuring one bed, one bath, and 588 square feet, 546 Sanchez comes with a renovated kitchen and bath, as well as a terrace with a view and two fireplaces. Period details like crown moldings and ceiling medallion can still be found here.

This first-floor pad is quite the charmer, located inside an equally alluring circa-1890 Italianate Victorian with a yellow facade and orange garage door.

Asking is $699,000.

Note: The tiny home is building being offered as a TIC or, if you have the cash and want something bigger, you can buy the entire building, which is asking $2,597,000.