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1882 Alamo Square Victorian asks $3.4 million

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Located across the street from Alamo Square Park

Photos courtesy of Seth Skolnick, Zephyr Real Estate

Designed by the prominent San Francisco architect Charles Geddes, a circa-1882 Victorian in Alamo Square has landed on the market this week. And what a treat it is.

The Stick style home at 1062 Fulton comes with 10 bedrooms, 4 baths, and 4,470 square feet. Fit for any Von Trapp-sized brood? Hardly. This is a five-unit building.

Miraculously, this entire specimen hasn’t fallen victim to an antiseptic renovation—at least not yet. Details include ceiling medallions, corbel brackets, portico entryway, and an astounding five marble fireplaces.

Christened the Charles Miner Goodall House (after a wealthy entrepreneur and steamship captain who once called this place home), this gem is located directly across the street from Alamo Square Park.

Fortunately, it’s not on the Painted Ladies’ side of the park where tourists converge en masse each weekend, doing it for the ’gram.

Asking is $3.4 million.

1062 Fulton [Seth Skolnick, Zephyr Real Estate]